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Postmodern literature, as postmodernism as a whole, is very hard to define for there are no standards for it nor are there any founding fathers, writers who set the standards for it.

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This leads us back to point when Oedipa saw for the first time the muted post horn as a part of the advertisement for this organization, which makes us believe if Tristero really is real or just an organization of people who have forsook love and make sure that no one else ever falls in love are using secretive methods to communicate with each other.

Each reader unravels a different meaning. Pynchon gives us two options when presenting metaphors like the Oedipus or Newtonian allusion: The increasing number of cults, to date in North America, is du The creator of the organziation and of the symbol was a Yoyodine executive, who found the Inamorati Anonymus after finding out that his wife was cheating on him.

Oedipa wants to find out just that, who they are and what they want, but unfortunately all 49 crying essay lot accomplishes is to end up completely baffled by everything and everyone she meets. Oedipa Maas is the main protagonist of this story, but we see the action of the novel only as she does and we know what we know, no more no less, and she is almost always drunk or on drugs, just like all other characters that appear in the novel.

Furthermore, the alternations of fact with fiction, such as the description of the historical basis of the Peter Pinguid Society8, confuse the reader to such an extent that he is forced to rely upon Oedipa to decipher reality from illusion. Thomas Pynchon does a very good job in making us believe that this society indeed really exists, but he also confuses by putting various names, most of them of people who are actually not so important for the story of the novel, but he does manage to create and illusion of a conspiracy.

We are constantly led towards a conclusion, but then deceived. She is forced out of her complacent housewife lifestyle of tupperware parties and Muzak into a chao tic system beyond her capabilities to understand.

Paranoia pushes the reader through the text. What is the Trystero? Pynchon designed The Crying of Lot 49 so that there would be two levels of observation: University of Iowa Press, There are even corporations who refuse to use the official postal system, like Yoyodine, and there is also an organization known as Peter Penguid Society, of which Mike Fallopian is the member, who oppose the monopoly of the US Postal Service and are using their own private system.

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However, at one time, Oedipa met a man who wore a pin with the muted post horn: Cambridge University Press, Fallopian, after hearing her story and her findings, asks Oedipa if she ever considered the possibility that this may all had been a joke orchestrated by Pierce Inverarity.

One of the most effective literary techniques Pynchon uses to involve the reader in his fictional world is his use of details.

We could say that this is the novel of the character development, a bildungs roman, for Oedipa develops her character, no matter how confused she is in the end, she becomes stronger and more determined to discover the real truth, no matter how weird and confusing that truth really is.

Such writers have included the novelist Shmuel Yose He alone created the chaos around Oedipa. As it was mentioned, postmodern literature is very hard to define and many even say that is no longer exists, also hard to determine. Ludwig Wittgenstein viewed the world as a "totality of facts, not of things.

Tristero is the symbol of the underground here in the novel and they are present as an invisible force with a hidden agenda and goals.Get ready to write your paper on The Crying of Lot 49 with our suggested essay topics, sample essays, and more. How to Write Literary Analysis Suggested Essay Topics.

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Making a Connection in Thos Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 Essay Words | 6 Pages. Making a Connection in The Crying of Lot 49 For as long as I could read comprehensively, I have always believed that great writing centered around well written stories that would both provide a certain measure of unaffected pleasure, as well as.

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