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Another 15 percent of cases were administered by other smaller service providers, which have not been subject to the same scrutiny or research attention as AAA or JAMS.

Courts also uphold clauses even when an individual can show that an arbitration system is too expensive for him or her to use. The arbitrator sits at the head of the table.

Some state courts and lower federal courts have refused to enforce these composite clauses on both grounds, but recent decisions by the Supreme Court are calling these decisions into question. Their franchise agreement with Subway had an arbitration clause that said all disputes must be arbitrated in Connecticut, far from Montana.

In student loans, 86 percent of the largest private lenders use mandatory arbitration clauses.

Employees have raised effective-vindication arguments when arbitration combined with a ban on class actions would extinguish their substantive rights to engage in collective action. Supreme Court has long maintained that arbitration is only appropriate when it entails no loss of substantive statutory rights.

The Supreme Court has addressed the issue of composite arbitration—class-action waivers several times in recent years.

Antitrust (Law)

For example, labor arbitration has a long track record of success in unionized workplaces and is widely accepted as fair and effective by organized labor and employers. Arbitration procedures are typically a simpler, more informal version of court procedures, for example relaxing the formal rules of evidence.

The Court first expressed this principle in in Mitsubishi Motors v. The respondents reported that class-action waivers were included in 52 percent of the agreements in cases they had decided. By Antitrust research paper dispute resolution to arbitration, the Court now permits corporations to write the rules that will govern their relationships with their workers and customers and design the procedures used to interpret and apply those rules when disputes arise.

As we saw above, the Supreme Antitrust research paper has not been sympathetic to these arguments. This comparison supports the idea that arbitration can avoid some of the delays of the litigation system. Yet despite the seeming benefits of arbitration, there are serious pitfalls.

Ideally we would like to conduct a double blind study in which cases are randomly assigned to either litigation or mandatory arbitration and the outcomes compared. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act has a provision that expressly permits lawsuits for minimum-wage and overtime violations to be brought on a collective basis.

Most of the part-time neutrals who also serve as arbitrators are practicing attorneys, and these are twice as likely to normally represent employers 61 percent as employees 30 percent in their legal practices. Differences in damages awarded are even greater, with the median or typical award in mandatory arbitration being only 21 percent of the median award in the federal courts and 43 percent of the median award in the state courts.View Antitrust (Law) Research Papers on for free.

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Research Papers on Antitrust Law Antitrust Law research papers examine the law created to counteract huge conglomerations from controlling an entire aspect of an industry.

Since the time of the Industrial Era, the United States has had the need for some form of Anti-trust Law. An interesting US history research paper topic is the tracing of antitrust law. - “The Antitrust Laws” Research Paper There once was a time where dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Some dinosaurs were stronger than others, making them the superior creatures. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is not that different from a corporate empire; both T-Rexes and monopolies ruled the land with little to no competition.

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Mandatory employment arbitration (Colvin) Federal court employment discrimination (Eisenberg and Hill) State court non-civil rights (Eisenberg and Hill). Recent Media Coverage of John Tumazos Very Independent Research, LLC.

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Antitrust research paper
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