Athletes are not above the law

Torres wrote about Pistorius earlier this year. What the NCAA did in response to the lawsuit is as vile as anything going on in sports right now. Although we do not doubt that student athletes spend a tremendous amount of time playing for their respective schools, they do so—and have done so for over a hundred years under the NCAA—without any real expectation of earning an income.

Even at the rate with which athletes find themselves in trouble with the law, the culpability for those actions is increasingly lacking. Take the case of Donte Stallworth, the former Patriots wide receiver who killed year-old Mario Reyes while driving home under the influence in Even in a week when domestic abuse in the NFL made headlines for all the wrong reasons, defensive ends Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy will suit up for the San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers, respectively, with accusations of beating women tied to their names.

Prisoners, quite obviously, work.

The court, in its decision, cited the 13th Amendment and rejected the claim. Meanwhile, Ray Rice is out of a job after the Baltimore Ravens cut the running back earlier this week, a process that would Athletes are not above the law have come to fruition had a tape that showed him leveling Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino elevator not come to light.

Feb 23, at 1: We therefore hold, as a matter of law, that student athletes are not employees and are not entitled to a minimum wage under the FLSA. Livers argues that his sport should be eligible for work-study compensation. By all accounts, Stallworth is a great guy, so magnanimous in fact that everybody would just assume forget that he killed a man, a crime for which the average person would likely still be serving a sentence.

InVanskike and his attorneys argued that as a prisoner he should be paid a federal minimum wage for his work.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. Advertisement Masipa will rule later Thursday on a lesser charge of culpable homicide, a conviction which could still lead to years in prison.

Athletes above the law

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At the root of the problem is that financial situations the stars head to court with in their pockets. For the uninitiated, the argument is shocking.

As Long As They’re Rich and Harbored, Athletes Will Always Get Away With Murder

Email us at tips boston. It achieves tremendous profits by not paying the workers who create the wealth. Rich athletes bring with them enormous egos, bred both from a confidence standpoint needed to excel in their specific sports, as well as an offshoot of fame and fortune.

They keep coming back to the argument because it works for them. Why should we be surprised any longer? That will be the first of two murder trials for Aaron Hernandez, the second coming in May with charges stemming from the alleged double homicide in Boston in I had to see it for myself before I believed it.

The Livers case argues that student-athletes who get scholarships should at least be paid as work-study students for the time they put in. If the NFL truly thinks it can affect a change in its violent, off-field culture, all the power to them, though such a goal seems foolhardy even for an entity as powerful as the NFL.

Sign up for Boston. And justice for none. The NCAA is entirely willing to equate their students with prisoner laborers.

Judge Thokozile Masipa said prosecutors did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the year-old double-amputee Olympic athlete is guilty of the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.Professional Athletes-Held to a Higher Standard and Above the Law: A Comment on High-Profile Criminal Defendants and the Need for States to Establish High-Profile Courts LAURIE NICOLE ROBINSON* INTRODUCTION Within the last decade, interest in high-profile criminal cases has grown to phenomenal levels.

At what point did professional athletes decide they are better than everyone else and above the law? Over the last couple weeks as the Aaron Hernandez fiasco played out we’ve started to learn. It can be considered human nature to cater to athletes and put them before others and in some cases even above the law.

“Certain students are definitely above the rules and its because the adults we put in charge don’t judge fairly or treat others equally,” head track coach Daniel Lodolo said. Sep 11,  · Rich athletes bring with them enormous egos, bred both from a confidence standpoint needed to excel in their specific sports, as well as an offshoot of fame and fortune.

Somewhere along the way the feeling of being above the law takes root, and some members of society, erroneously feeling like we know the athletes. Berger is a Seventh Circuit case that came out in (yeah,not ) that directly applied Vanskike’s reasoning to college athletes to decide that, like prisoners working in a prison, there was no employment relationship between the NCAA and its athletes.

This essay will talk about the athletes not being able to pay for many of the things they need, they haven’t got any time for a job, the athletes bring in money to there schools, and more. More about Athletes: Above the Law.

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Athletes are not above the law
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