Essay on the movie love and basketball

Her mom is a homemaker and takes on the role of being the perfect wife. Quincy and Monica are drawn to each other instantly, sharing a love of the game: Monica never got over Quincy, she has loved them since they were eleven years old and she never stopped loving him.

It is my job to offer support and guidance to get my athletes through the tough times. During the movie discrimination occurs when no one believes Monica will make a college basketball player nether the less a professional basketball player.

Quincy played as a youth by Glendon Chattman is shocked that a girl could ever love basketball as much as he did. The back of her jersey is seen with the name "Wright-McCall", showing that Monica and Quincy got married. As a couple, they start spending a lot of time together and there is no longer that awkward space between them.

This prompts Monica to feel hurt and resentful of her mother for not accepting her for who she is. A family issue such as finding out that his dad was lying to him about cheating on his mother with another woman caused Quincy to lose sight in his dreams of obtaining his education.

The sorts of people that I think would enjoy this film are people that like romance films with a bit of a twist but it is still realistic and relatable. As these two lovers went their separate ways and pursued different career paths, Monica was more successful than Quincy because she never lost sight of her dreams.

The situation gets better over time. This often resulted in technical fouls at critical moments of games, getting benched, and eventually pushing away many potential scouting opportunities due to her lack of control.

After her meeting with Quincy, Monica soon realizes that her feelings for him still exist. As it was easy for Quincy to get recruited since his dad was a retired professional, Monica was on a thin block of ice because she let out all her frustrations about Quincy on the court.

She even finds Monica a college friend to take her to her spring dance. They both view themselves as invincible and good at what they do. College is a time f growth for my athletes and I believe they learn who they are.

Personally, I think both Quincy and Monica are very confident and resilient people. I mainly deal with conflict by voicing my feelings and then avoiding the problem. By making things fair for men and women, it gives them both the same opportunities to succeed.

After viewing this movie, I learned that never giving up on someone you truly love is something you have to do in order to find happiness. Monica finished school and was the first women to ever play in the NBA.

The first quarter of the story begins inwhen Monica played as a youth by Kyla Pratt and her family moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta, Georgiaand quickly became acquainted with their new neighbors the McCalls.

Simple daily activities such as going to work, picking up the kids or just studying for a test could be slightly interfered by relationships. He is even more shocked when Monica plays so well. Another social issue that occurs in everyday life is how our personal relationships seem to affect our emotional state to where we cannot perform at our best during certain activities.

Monica also clashes with her mother Camille again over old resentments, causing Camille to remark that she had to give up her own dreams after having two daughters. It can be an issue with family, a significant other, or a friend.Apr 21,  · Elvis Mitchell reviews movie Love and Basketball, starring Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan and written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood; photo (M).

Love and Basketball

Love and Basketball. Whitney Britt/Amanda Rodriguez Professor Bruner English A 17 November 9, All for the Love of the Game “All is fair in love and basketball” - Love and Basketball introduction. In the movie “Love and Basketball”, two main social issues occurred which caused a plethora of problems for the two main characters.

Midterm Paper: Love and Basketball The main characters in this American romantic drama film are Sanaa Lathan as Monica Wright and Omar Epps as Quincy McCall. The film is both a story of two aspiring athletes trying to negotiate passion for sport with other necessary pieces of real life and a critique of contemporary men's and women's sports at various levels.

Emphasizing the inseparability of the basketball element from the love story, the film is. This movie entails not just.

a love story, but rather an intertwining family theme as well. This movie. really explains the emotions of the characters and there decisions in their. lives, by involving self concept, conformation and rejection.

"Love and. Basketball" also represents conflicts that occur between the overall.3/5(4). Apr 21,  · "Love & Basketball" is about how you can either be in love or play basketball, but it's tricky to do both at the same time.

It may be unique among sports movies in that it does not end with the Big Game. Instead, it's a thoughtful and touching story about two affluent black kids, a boy and a girl, who grow up loving each other, 3/5.

Essay on the movie love and basketball
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