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We also did Internal Environment analysis, External Environment analysis, macro-environment analysis to figure out some facts like One of the most key legal issues for a Smartphone is its accountability of privacy. It is a big hindrance in the demand Htc swot HTC cell phones.

There is the strong set up of Htc swot and development in HTC. As a result, there is stability in their yearly sale. Its products are considered as reliable products and its gaining more and more success rapidly. The portfolio of HTC is quite wide it has made 42 smart phones product up till now.

It is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and maximizing its market share rapidly. People are preferring advanced technology.

It is also said that, because of the name of Google, HTC got popularity. The research and development in HTC has been given more importance as it is the way to know what customers want. The market for Htc swot two types is increasing day by day.

This may result in the reduction of sales in future. A large number of companies have been working on inventing new technology.

They invest a small portion of their budget for the promotional campaign. Innovative Product Outcomes- HTC has product variety in their offered products, those are the unique products as well.

It is actually well diversified. To be competent, HTC will have to develop a strong research and development department.

HTC Corp in Consumer Electronics

In many regions of Asia, Htc swot even do not recognize the brand. Threat for HTC Corporation The threat from cheaper substitutes — Third-grade companies are growing day by day and they are offering similar looking smartphones. So lot of people prefers Nokia on HTC. Another weakness is that, they got a very small range of cell phones models as compared to their competitor, Nokia, which has got a huge variety of smart phones, from cheapest to most expensive one.

Every year it comes up with new ideas and brand new smartphones, PDAs, and palm tops. It is establishing in the world rapidly and attracting more and more customers from all around the world.

Google popularity plays a huge role in the success of HTC. However, these customers have many needs but the question is whether they can afford them. Apart from that, the financial crunch could also be the threat for the company.

The growth of tablet market — People are becoming more interested in tablets and smartphones. Weaknesses As its weakness, HTC is not a very much recognized brand in the market.

SWOT Analysis of HTC

HTC makes devices that are very much important in every aspect in our life, and make our life richer.

Country like China can offer smartphones at a lower cost because they have low labor cost advantage. HTC segments its target market in terms of their demographic characteristics, geographic characteristics, psychological characteristics, and usage rate and product feature etc.

SWOT Analysis SWOT is the tool to see that where organization stands, which areas required improvement, which areas required serious consideration, which would be the source of growth, which things need avoidance and so on. It is a Taiwanese multinational manufacturer of smartphones and tablets in New Taipei City.

They never announce the similar type of product as Apple did in the past years.

Htc corporation SWOT Analysis

The customer base of HTC is also very wide as it caters the customer national and international both and the no. Rapid technological change — Todays world is an advanced world in technology. HTC has addressed to their need and they have also worked out the financial issue by introducing a variety of products at many price ranges and each of these products has features which appeal to their targeted customers.

So, by this project report we tried to find development, and growth of HTC.HTC's competitiveness in the smartphone market has been weakening over the last five years. The company faces a range of challenges to its brand and product line that it must overcome rapidly to regain a relevant role as a mobile player.

hTC Corporation SWOT Analysis Company Overview Ms. Cher Wang CHAIRWOMAN Strengths Opportunity Threats Weaknesses Significant investment in product research and development.

What is a SWOT Analysis? It is a way of evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect something.

SWOT: HTC, Mobile Devices, Worldwide

See WikiWealth's SWOT tutorial. High Tech Computer Corporation popularly known as HTC Corporation is the Computer electronics company based out in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese company manufactures and sells smartphones and tablets.

SWOT Analysis of HTC Corporation

Since its inception company has been focussing on its In-House research capabilities SWOT analysis – Here is the SWOT analysis of HTC. Mission. HTC Corporation is a smartphone manufacturer which was founded by Cher Wang, HT Cho, and Peter Chou in Taiwan in The company use HTC as its name behind many of the most famous operator-branded devices on the smarphone market.

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HTC SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

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