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Students studying IGCSE English as a Second Language will also use ICT regularly in their lessons for the purposes of research, text production and information presentation, using a wide range of media and applications.

They are so called because they are very short people, their average height is less than five feet tall.

Question 6 Informal Letter Writing

The best parts of the animal, like the hind legs, are usually given to the hunter who made the first shot. Write no more than words. For instance, the different roles of the women and the men reflect how we also play different roles today.

In spite of their height, they still manage to reach the hives by climbing up trees. During certain times of the year, they move around in the forest in search of food. A key part of the course is to develop the ability to write for specific audiences in appropriate styles.

Women are responsible for looking after the family 2. Answer Key How to make sure that mountain biking is safe: The Efe are renowned as archers.

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Speaking S1 communicate clearly, accurately and appropriately S2 convey information and express opinions effectively S3 employ and control a variety of grammatical structures S4 demonstrate knowledge of a range of appropriate vocabulary S5 engage in and influence the direction of conversation S6 employ suitable igcse english as a second language writing research and stress patterns Teaching Methods Teacher led lessons will provide students with exposure to a variety of styles of writing and reading materials.

These skills will assist them in accessing further courses of study in their chosen field, whether at AS, A2 or university level. There will be large group and small group discussion and some lessons will be pupil led, giving students the opportunity to gain confidence in oral work.

However, if you are riding on a legally accessible trail, you have just as much right to be there as they do. The men usually hunt in groups 5. The Efe have a great weakness for honey, considered to be a delicacy. The hunter who shoots the final arrow that brings down the animal also receives quite a good piece of the animal.

Everyone falls off at some point — a rock, a pot-hole or tree root will catch you out eventually — so the golden rule is to wear a helmet. Their full stomachs, of course, tell a different story. You might agree that this would be a good occasion to have one.

The meat of the animal is divided among all the hunters who have participated in the hunt. Assessment Objectives All students will be required to demonstrate an ability to: Your summary should be about words not more than Come July, the Efe start looking for honey.

You will be given up to 6 marks for the content of your summary, and up to 4 marks for the style and accuracy of your language.

The saddle of a bike is a far better vantage point from which to explore the countryside than a car, and you se much more than you would walking.

Any 3 warn people of your approach and ride past them slowly Always close or fasten gates behind you.

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The men only have to take care of their weapons as these are what they use to feed their families. If you pass through gates, always close or fasten them behind you. They surround the animal and shoot at it with arrows from different directions. Their way of life remains so unchanged that learning about their lifestyle would open our eyes to how our ancestors lived as well.

Scientists find studying the Efe so interesting because these people represent the closest we can ever get to our ancient ancestors. These people are semi-nomadic. This will include articles, letters, summaries and essays. Mountain biking is the fastest-growing sport in Britain.

The aims are to: There are four compulsory areas of assessment: They usually stuff themselves with it, until their bellies are swollen. But perhaps the best bit of all is that after every lung-bursting climb comes the thrill of bouncing downhill.

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The hunters who do not manage to shoot the animal at still get an equal share of whatever meat is left. Sometimes, they eat all that they find, returning home to the women saying that they had no luck.

Mark your route on a map before you set out 9and know how to read it!Oct 14,  · mint-body.com people who got a high grade in english PLEASE post the tips and the way of writing (essays,letters,summary etc) i will be veeery thankful. Exam Difficulty Surveys (IGCSE) Register With mint-body.com Ghany (Maths) Home» Past Papers» Past Paper/CIE» O Level (IGCSE)» English As A Second Language(ESL).

Cambridge IGCSE Core English as a Second Language Cambridge University Press – Cambridge IGCSE® Core English as a Second Language Coursebook with Audio CD. Jan 24,  · Cambridge IGCSE ESL: Paper 2 Exercise 7 Essay Writing May/June V2 I will be taking on the Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language exam.

IGCSE English Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language is designed for learners who already have a working knowledge of the language and who want to consolidate their understanding in order to progress in their academic or professional career.

The qualification reflects the widespread use of English in education and commerce, and also in entertainment. Revision Checklist for IGCSE English as a Second Language A guide for Students. Revision Checklist for IGCSE English as a Second Language A guide for students How to use this guide skills in writing and speaking English.

Section 4: Appendix.

Igcse english as a second language writing research
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