Intranet examples business plan

If you want to separate your authoring and publishing environments, you should use cross-site publishing. Conclusion In many ways, delivering a SharePoint intranet is just like every other intranet project. Determine the SharePoint architecture If you are planning to build a publishing site based on SharePoint Server, you have probably already made some decisions about what kind of sites are needed, and how you want them distributed.

With SharePoint introducing new capabilities and functionality, staff will be unfamiliar with the possibilities on offer. As the functionality and complexity of the intranet grows, it becomes even more challenging to deliver a usable intranet.

With this in hand, the project can proceed to the technology aspects, first developing a specification and plan, and then implementing the platform. For more information about variations, see Variations overview in SharePoint Server. This is particularly the case for functionality that requires the active participation of staff, such as personalisation or collaboration.

To answer these questions, go back to the five purposes determined in the previous section, and use these to guide individual decisions.

In identifying the best solution for your organization we manage all aspects of the vendor process including the evaluation and selection of the vendor, negotiate technology licenses and fees, project manage the implementation, and even manage and execute ongoing site operations including custom content development and translation services.

Implement the intranet In every intranet project, there are many individual aspects which need to be covered during implementation. Do you want to have multiple sites for different brands? Plan for caching and performance in SharePoint Server provides information about how and when to use the BLOB cache, and it lists key considerations for planning to use it.

At the larger end, deploying SharePoint may involve months of technical work, and the same again to cover the non-technology aspects. For information about how to plan for cross-site publishing, see Plan for cross-site publishing in SharePoint Server.

In fact, the intranet is really only one part technology, and many parts people and process which begins with intranet strategy. What collaboration features should we be using? Also recognise that deploying new and unfamiliar functionality will also require significant amounts of change management and communication, if adoption is to be assured.

This should be conducted by the content owners themselves, supported by clear guidelines and standards.

Intranet Strategy Plan

Do you want to keep the authoring environment separate from the publishing environment? The starting point for any intranet project must therefore be to clearly understand business and staff needs. Are any catalogs in external data sources? These are described in the book What every intranet team should knowand since expanded to these five purposes: Beyond this, there is a growing ecosystem of third-party products and extensions that provide additional capabilities, or address out-of-the-box SharePoint weaknesses.

Plan for variations in SharePoint Server provides information about important items that you should consider when you are using variations in publishing sites, and it describes the tasks that are involved in planning a solution that uses variations in SharePoint Server.

This best-practice approach provides a toolkit of practical techniques that can be used with staff, including: For example, if the focus is on content, then required features may include targeting information to specific business units, simple document management, and strong search.

Prescient boasts a full roster of satisfied, world class, Fortune clients. For example, the focus may be on improving content and communication, the fundamentals of most intranets. For example, if you are building an Internet business site, you probably already know how many public-facing sites you require for each region or brand.

Is the site an intranet knowledge base that will have only Pages library content? The publishing method that you select will lead to additional planning steps, and some steps are unique to each method.

Ultimately the project will be judged a success if the new intranet is clearly valuable for staff and the organisation. Behind-the-scenes work done on the technology platform will win little recognition.A company intranet is a huge undertaking that involves a wide range of business units and technology disciplines.

This strategy template will help you crystallize the needs and goals of your project. The purpose of this document is to identify an intranet implementation plan that will align with. Oct 03,  · Following a standard business plan outline will keep you on track, and save you from botching your best chance at getting your business funded.

See an example of a completed business plan here, and learn even more about writing a business plan here. Simple business plan outline: 1. Executive summary/5(). Intranet planning incorporates both the strategic vision and the functional plan and maps out the strategic and tactical steps for designing the site or portal including: the high-level vision and mission.

Plan for Internet, intranet, and extranet publishing sites in SharePoint Server

Without a clear plan, the results can become a little bit of everything, but no one clear and compelling success. Understand business and staff needs.

An intranet will be used if it’s useful. This seems a simple observation, but it can’t be taken for granted.

From this, the broad scope of the project can be determined. For example. Greetings. I have been given the responsibility of introducing an Intranet to a Local Government organisation. In saying this my first step is to develop a "business plan" to explain to. We have covered what an intranet is and some example applications.

We will next move into When beginning to plan an intranet, there are many questions you should ask yourself.

These Establish an Intranet Business Model.

Intranet examples business plan
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