Living as a christian disciple essay

They remember the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, as he has asked Luke In the time between first and eighth grade, the young disciple grows by leaps and bounds. Some of them have professed to be Christians, but their actions showed otherwise.

Worshipping with Others If at all possible, a true believer worships God with other disciples. Such learning requires diligence and persistence.

Such an insight changes the life of a disciple. True Christians take this characteristic of God to heart. He or she will go out of their way to remove oppression, cruelty or destitution, instead of passing by on the other side Luke The Christian way of life is the best way of life possible!

Light uncovers secrets; darkness hides secret things. Husbands are faithful to their wives, and wives to their husbands, just as God is faithful to them.

They are the face of Jesus Christ to those who see them. Even though king Saul knew that he had not obeyed God, the excuse that he made was that the animals could be used in ritual sacrifice to God.

Christian Living: Living the Way Jesus Wants

However, they did not resist evil, but often fled to other places and continued to preach, and live peaceful lives see Acts 8: There is a story of someone who once approached a Christian shopkeeper.

Christians have arrived at this deep thankfulness from many backgrounds. There is no instant transformation for those who become Christians. They work with diligence and enthusiasm whether their employer is watching or not. Obedience rather than Ritual If the keeping of rules is not essential to being saved, then is a disciple of Jesus obligated to do what is right?

This fact is most clear from the New Testament of the Bible, where many believers were mistreated or even killed. An example in the Bible which illustrates this principle is when Saul, the first king of Israel, decided to save some animals for sacrifice to God, rather than destroy them as God had asked.

They are true to their master, and as they have opportunity, help others to be faithful as well. Instead, an old way of life has been killed; purposefully put to death.

After fending off severe pressure from within and without, there is little room for a proactive approach. Does the name or reputation of such people or groups mean that the Bible is wrong, or that Christianity is not worth following?

The outworking of discipleship, while still accomplished primarily at home, is expanded to the larger sphere of primary education. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Discipleship and the Age of Reason By the age of seven, approximately, the young disciple begins a new phase of development.

A Godly life can be lived only by learning what such a life involves. With a surer sense of self and purpose, the young adult disciple can collaborate and compromise in a way not possible just a few years earlier. They will go out of their way for others, even to perform what might be thought as degrading tasks.

In the same chapter of the Bible as the incident with the Jews and their traditions, Jesus said to his disciples: To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

It includes bringing to remembrance things learned in the past, and continuing to gain knowledge to be applied daily.

There is a principle in the Bible which relates to humility. The fact that God "seeks out" Luke God promised that the nation of Israel would never be destroyed, but other nations by contrast would disappear. The owner of the field told his workers to leave the weeds to grow together with the good seed until the harvest, and only then would the two be separated.

This does not change the obligation for such people. The stability of the household and parish provide the necessary anchor to keep the ship of adolescence from straying too far beyond the harbor of faith. They have renounced this slave owner: The benefits are priceless.

Some began their life with a motivation for money, others for power or praise. Such a person will avoid violent confrontations.Essay for Christian Life class at Ozark --> Objective: 4 page essay on my current walk with God, my past walk with God, my future walk with God.

and especially what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. is the category I found myself living in recently, and defines my current walk with God, which I am extremely joyful and happy 5/5(1).

living a good Christian life. Jesus taught his disciples to care for the sick and needy. This is a perfectly possible aim for modern Christians. Open Document. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

Acts of the Disciples: Discipleship and Dependent Living

Being a True Disciple Essay. Living the Christian Life, According to Peter Essay - First Peter has been called by some the "epistle of hope." The book of First Peter is a very encouraging and also doctrinal text for Christians today.

Introduction. Christianity is the religion that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Bible. The duration of the last seven weeks have taught me a lot. Ways to Grow as a Disciple. Need ideas on how to plan to grow as a Christian? Select a level, then use ideas listed as a springboard for action.

write an essay or prepare a sermon outline to explain the great controversy theme, specifically showing how it began and how it will end. "What is distinctive about living as a Christian?" Act. By no means last in importance, a true disciple prays to God often, for his care and help in living a life of service.

The disciple admits freely to God when he has failed .

Living as a christian disciple essay
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