Oreo repositioning case study

On March 6,the famous cookie brand, Oreo, celebrated its th birthday. While Anderson says continuing to push aggressively on areas like mobile is important, she believes the most vital trait of CMOs in the future will be their threshold for flexibility and appetite Oreo repositioning case study the unknown.

As awareness of the Oreo brand grows in India, Kraft is looking to shift from the Cadbury distribution network to a wider wholesale channel. With China and India representing possibly the jewels in the crown of international target markets due to their sheer size, Oreo was launched in China in Availability, Affordability and Adaptability.

Turns out we are as bad as our teenage kids—texting, Facebooking, and emailing while waiting for our turn at the register, eternally distracting us from those indulgent moments of spontaneity. One of the key success factors for Oreo in India is replicating the learning from China in terms of the intangible brand promise more than tangible benefits like taste.

Consumer market research was a stepchild. The thirtysomething had grown up in the geekier corners of the marketing world, over the prior decade building the digital practices for two PR firms, then landing himself—and his rising profile—as the head of digital for PepsiCo. The first in the series of Facebook posts was also the biggest—an image of a multi-layered, rainbow Oreo in celebration of Gay Pride week earned reams of media coverage, appreciation from fans, and, of course, the token backlash.

The company maintained the heritage of the bitter chocolate cookie with sweet vanilla cream to stand out from me-too products and meet customer expectations of having the real thing. The team wanted to figure out how to translate that excitement to social, and bust out of the Mom ghetto Oreo had confined itself to for years.

These were the kinds of conversations we had. Learning from the Chinese success story, the company under global CEO Irene Rosenfeld took localisation strategies seriously from onwards.

The teams only had eight weeks to produce a campaign and there would be one designated key decision-maker for each brand who would have to be present at every session. When Oreo enters smaller towns, it will be able to enjoy a sweet taste of the future as the case proves the existence of global or universal consumers in India.

Then he approached media entities to negotiate new kinds of deals. Its market share has grown from a little over one per cent after its debut to a massive 30 per cent of the cream biscuit market.

Anderson says her job is to give all the parties involved with a brand—from the marketers to the agencies—the confidence to birth smarter, gutsier advertising. Applebaum and her partner, Megan Sheehan, would narrow it down to two executions, and within hours one would get approved by the client, legal, and corporation communications, for i to release via Facebook.

In the old world of food shopping, a potential customer would daydream waiting in line, strumming through a People magazine until his gaze eventually found itself locked on a pack of Trident gum, tempted by a bag of Sour Patch Kids, or flirted with by a sleeve or Oreos all Mondelez brands.

The notion of togetherness fits the Indian context of valuing the family and resonates with the nuclear family in the expanding middle class.

Smart cookie

A product tailored for the Chinese market and a campaign to market the American style of pairing Oreos with milk paid off and Oreos became the bestselling cookies of that country.

Not only had Kraft marketers never attended or taken home a Cannes Lions, it was unclear if anyone from the company had ever submitted any work to even be considered. Affordable pricing is one of the strategic value propositions Kraft Cadbury is offering to valued consumers in India. Seven years ago, this was highly improbable.

Not playing any role out there in the in the real world. Registration is simple and it is free! The best response will win a copy of Marketing as Strategy by Nirmalya Kumar. But the dominant position in the US limited growth opportunities and spurred Kraft to turn to international markets.

When they switched the campaign, Oreo got its first taste of what happens when a cookie dips its toe in culture. The company also went on a bus tour to push the concept of togetherness among families across nine cities and it used a smaller vehicle for a similar campaign across small towns.

In addition, 72 cents for a pack of 14 Oreos was too expensive for the value-conscious Chinese. Most of the foods it sells—gum, chocolate, cookies—are bought during moments of weakness, like when one has low blood sugar during a trip to Walgreens, or as comforting treats.How Oreo Fearlessly Disrupted Itself to Personalize the User Experience & Accelerate Ecommerce Growth.

Apr 11,  · Oreo's Big Super Bowl Real-Time Ad Moment - Duration: Social Media Case Study: How KFC India Boosted its Social Media Presence - Duration: Social Samosa 37, views. The Story Of Oreo: How An Old Cookie Became A Modern Marketing Personality InOreo changed its image, and maybe changed advertising, with a real-time marketing coup.


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Feb 25,  · Oreo: Case Study Analysis. simconblog / February 25, Introduction to case. For most of its year existence, Oreo was consistently America’s best loved cookie, but today it is a global brand.

Faced with stagnation in the domestic market, Kraft Foods moved it into emerging markets where it made some mistakes, learned from. This case study looks at the strategies used to win over customers in China and India.

For most of its year existence, Oreo was America's best loved cookie.

Oreo repositioning case study
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