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It can help them financially since the cost of insurance is cheaper. They will inexperienced regardless of age, and they also wont be able to travel to jobs or to college.

The classes need to be more strict driving safety. Driving safely is not the only issue that will be accomplished, but also drivers will respect each other by following the laws. This bill will raise the driving age from sixteen years of age to eighteen years of age.

They will be more careful when they drive, which make them confident and safe drivers.

For all sixteen year olds, driving Raising legal driving age college essay something new and exciting that we want to experience at a young age. Having keys being put into our hands makes us teens feel older and more responsible. The last reason, other than responsibility is that it is good for teens to learn how to drive at an early age.

Some of us will start maturing and watch our actions, and it is good to have teens learning at a young age before heading to college.

Now just imagine that it is your fifteenth year, just dreaming of getting your license and you come to find out that you now have to wait until your eighteenth year to obtain them. I do not believe that passing this bill will change any of these statistics because the longer the teenage driver has to wait, the more anxious they will be to drive.

Their teaching class was 15 days long, but their teaching class on driving car was only 2 days long. When they are driving anywhere, they drive always under pressure of many restrictions.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers, even above drugs, sucide, and homicide. Having a license is a life changing experience for some teens.

However, bad teenage driving has recently resulted in many tragic deaths; most 16 and 17 years drivers are not mature enough to take decision on the road. The Environment As a teen driver, I have learned that it takes a lot of responsibility to be a good driver.

But when they do get their license, two years longer than anticipated, they will have so many places that they want to go and things that they want to do, and would most likely drive rather carelessly. They are more responsible with themselves, and are more curious with their actions.

It is shown that 16 and 17 year old driver death rates increase with each additional passenger.

Tellingly, of those who died in pickup trucks, A confident driver is a way better driver than someone who is confused and scared. Learning at the age of sixteen will be good for teens and adults. Raising the Legal Driving Age By: It is good for adults This might all change if congress pass a bill the was recently proposed.

I myself would be very upset, as would any other fifteen year old would. More than any age group, teens are likely to be involved in a single vehicle crash, even more so than the elderly.

One legislator may ask others to become co-sponsors, and it will then be drafted as a bill. All problems can be solved by giving good instructions to all teenagers, buckle up while driving, and the most important thing raising the legal driving age to Just because of those laws, many extraordinary and good things will happen: Once the idea has been proposed it is brought before a legislator to be sponsored.

It takes a few close calls, and their first ticket or two for a traffic violation before they begin to calm down with the crazy driving like everyone else on the road drives. For all those reasons, I think the legal driving age should be raised to 18 from Taking responsibility makes us feel older, like we are adults.

Raising the Legal Driving Age

There are also teen drivers who have been in accidents and have been in trouble with the law; I know this because the teens that have been in these situations are now persuading adults to raise the age of driving.

It can fix many issues about poor teen drivers. Therefore, the legal driving age in Florida needs to be raised to This is not necessarily true, it is the inexperienced drivers that you need to watch out for. Starting to drive is a big part of growing up.Raise the legal driving age in Florida to 18 It is estimated that year-olds are 3 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle crash than the average of all drivers.

Therefore, the legal driving age in Florida needs to be raised to /5(1).

Raising Legal Driving Age

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Raising the Legal Driving Age. By raising the legal driving age to 18 can help achieve all goals. In this country, by law, people become adults at the age of They are more responsible with themselves, and are more curious with their actions. Related Documents: Raising the Legal Driving Age Essay Legal Drinking Age Essay Drinking Age Since the Minimum Drinking Age Act of was set in place, the nation drinking age has been The legal age to receive a commercial drivers license is 18 years old, but most don’t obtain their commercial drivers license until after the age of The most dangerous truck drivers on the road are those with under 2 years of experience, regardless of age.

Essay title: Raising Legal Driving Age Turning the age of sixteen is an important part of your life, you get to have that huge birthday party, your parents start giving more respect and responsibility, and of course, you get your drivers license/5(1).

Raising legal driving age college essay
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