Remember the titans theme

This makes for a good story, but not totally true. The lack of understanding for the different cultures between White and Black communities easily fosters racism.

One of the examples includes the bus ride back from camp where there was singing and chanting. Gerry, in a moment of clarity, realizes Julius is correct and started to rectify this.

One of the worst being Warren County, which was the last school system in Virginia to allow blacks in schools, most had to walk to other jurisdictions being denied education well into the late 60s and early s.

These two categories set an uneasy and apprehensive tone for the students, teachers, and community. This was encouraged by the social characteristics of high school students, which Snowman credits peers for influencing one another about what is socially acceptable in friendships p.

The film is more of a compilation of the attitudes and actions, and overall feel for integration of the areas schools. He did research and found out that they have handicapped Olympics. This is not the case. He also gave the players an outlet for their hate and aggression, which he used as a challenge of obtaining perfection while playing football.

Marshall, Falls Church and Herndon high schools--already had integrated football and other types of sports teams in the late s. Because in fact, it was a toilet commode that was thrown through his window.

Remember the Titans

If you would like to know more "Hollywood vs. These obstacles contribute to a person either finding their identity or adapting to their environment. When you get out of Northern Virginia into Loudoun and Prince William Counties, then yes, absolutely they were segregated and it got worse the further into the Shenandoah Valley and southern Virginia areas.

Overcoming Racism Racism is a strong overtone throughout the movie and is demonstrated by several events, but can be broken down into two main categories.

He continued by fostering bonding, albeit forced at the beginning, with three-a-day practices and with requirements of both Black and White players to get to know every person on the team. Later at camp, Gerry is seen singing to Julius about what kind of power Julius has, with the team surrounding them and chanting.

He is further helped by Rev, who tutors and encouraged Louie through song. The specific factual occurences in the movie is not what it is about. Psychology applied to teaching.

The team had no issue admitting when they were not the man for the job, as demonstrated when Alan gave up his position for Petey during the championship game.

Studying the Themes of the Movie: Remember the Titans

It starts off with the busing of the players to camp, where the students instinctively separate into one Black bus and one White bus. Other area high schools--McLean, George C. Thus, they are prepared to pursue the State Championship and to deal with an unthinkable tragedy that threatens to sink their perfect season.

Although many scenes and instances were pure fiction, for creative effect, there were problems. All of these events Remember the titans theme hate, mistrust, and derision for the players and the coaches and results in a confusing environment for teenagers. These include Gerry choosing to hang out with his team instead of his all-White buddies and girlfriend and the desire Gerry had for his mother and girlfriend to get to know Julius.

This bonding might not have been possible without the strong friendship that blossomed between these two in the midst of racism and adversity. Since Snowman explains that high school students tend to look to their parents and other influential adults on ideas of ethics and values, these actions encourage the students to embrace racism p.

These include education, public pressure, and disability.After the Titans' perfect season, the team and the city were closer than ever. — WSU Honors ENG Denzel Washington plays Herman Boone, who is hired as the T.C.

Williams High football coach over a white coach in Alexandria, Virginia in the early 's during a time when the school has just been integrated to allow blacks into the school. Theme 1: Overcoming Racism Racism is a strong overtone throughout the movie and is demonstrated by several events, but can be broken down into two main categories.

These two categories set an uneasy and apprehensive tone for the students, teachers, and community. The lack of understanding for. Apr 14,  · Remember the Titans - What was the main theme? I'm writing a paper on racism in the south for a course I am taking, and I'm suppose to discuss parts of the movie, main theme, and sub-themes to this particular Resolved.

Remember the Titans Remember the Titans is a movie about a white football team that starts allowing black people to join the team. Coach Yoast is the white football leader, who shows his leadership by gaining respect and always letting the team speak their mind. Remember the Titans - Five Step Analysis Plot Summary In April ofthe United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that ended all state-imposed segregation in public schools.

This was the same year that T. C. Williams High School located in Alexander Virginia was integrated. This is the setting for the movie. The team has a struggle bonding and becoming a team in the beginning. When they came back from camp you see the start of them finally becoming a team.

Without the bonding the team would not work and prove that they could not mix schools. Today, you see many schools that have mixed race and where the.

Remember the titans theme
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