Should public figures be accountable for

These messages are even more convoluted when the public figure sending this message engages in opposing behavior themselves. If elected officials were to discuss something in good faith in an open public meeting that could have been discussed behind closed doors, they would not have violated any state law by doing so.

Inevitably, we have developed an unhealthy obsession with the lifestyles of public figures, especially those of celebrities. It can be argued that public figures give young people a means to set goals for themselves. When actors play heroic roles in films, it is only natural that people see that person through the light of their role, not through the light of how they truly are.

In a nutshell, these public figures have no privacy, especially if they are always stalked by their supporters or by the paparazzi, and have to be accountable for all their actions since they are representations of their country.

Download this Essay in word format. Pubic Figures are Deceptive if they Act Differently in Private than in Public Another common argument used to persuade others that public figures should be role models is that they are otherwise deceptive people if they….

A government of, by and for the people must always be out in front of the people.

Public Figures As Role Models&nbspEssay

So to encourage young people to strive for such a goal is futile and setting the child up for failure. When that public figure wishes to make a public speech, they are given that freedom to do so by the same laws as the rest of the population.

Do you agree that public figures should be held accountable for their actions?

In her book, Young People and the New Media, Sonia Livingstone presents many of the messages being taught in the media and the implications of those messages.

The public has a vested interest in government transparency. While this is a valid argument, consider the issue of liberty. If they doubt whether or not a requested record should be made available to someone who requests it, they should grant rather than deny the request.

Their may be some press interviews and a game and then their day is done According to an article written by Deidra Anderson and Tony Morris, athletes live a regimented day from sun up until late into the evening.

If a records custodian, in good faith, provides a record that could have been exempted under the public records law and did not disclose personal private information, anything to do with national security or proprietary trade secrets, they will not be held legally accountable for having done so.

A public figure is protected by the same laws as the rest of the population. People who are tangible and active in the daily lives of the person they are seeking to help. Access to public records, including financial records, is just as critical. While there are narrow exceptions to open meetings and open records laws, those exceptions should never become the rule or the standard.

As such, becoming a public figure would actually mean that one is losing their privacy as all their actions are prone to being exposed. Thus, it is ridiculous and arrogant to demand public figures to act in a manner that may be opposite to their nature, simply because they are a public figure.

The actions of public figures yield a huge influence over society as the media finds its role in exploiting the private lives of these people. For instance, it is becoming exceptionally common young public figures to take a stance on staying away from drugs and alcohol and yet most of them are caught at ages as young as 18 getting intoxicated or worse.

Therefore, even if their actions were undertaken in private, as long as it breaks the law of the country, they must be punished accordingly.Public figures should be held accountable for their actions.

This is due to the vast amounts of respect that public figures, such as athletes and politicians hold in the eyes of the younger generation.

Holding public figures accountable to the public April 26, Community, Editorials 0 It is the mission of Historic City News to hold public figures accountable to the public, and Florida law demands open local government.

Holding public figures accountable to the public

There is a common argument used in response to public figures being expected to be role models that the public figures owe proper behavior to the public because the public is the one assuring their fame.

Hence, public figures have to be held responsible for their unacceptable behavior even in private, as their lifestyles are made known to many across the globe, and would play a major role in influencing the mindsets of the world should they not be responsible and account for their private actions.

If a public figure is not accountable for his or her irresponsible actions, many people will start to follow suit, causing social problems to rise. Hence, public figures should be held accountable for their actions as they are forced into becoming role models for the public. Then, when the public learns of an indescretion, what should it then do?

This is for everyone to decide themselves, but I would suggest it would be a very mature public that .

Should public figures be accountable for
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