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It was there the nation is seen by many to have come of age. Another interesting aspect brought out by the author, Pierre Berton, is that for the most part the Canadians were not snobs. Other books on Vimy have and will be written. Before, many of the troops considered themselves British first and Canadian second.

Exaggeration and selectivity of evidenceget in the way. Also both the French and British armies had attempted, and failed, to take Vimy Ridge. Exaggeration and selectivity of evidenceget in the way.

Detailsbecome blurredastheexperience fadesintomemory; personal exploits tendtobecome exaggerated. It is the place where many immigrants stopped being British and truly became Canadians. Such scenes, if they had ever Summary of vimy by pierre burton, were obsolete. Unfortunately there was a period at the end of the last century when a degree of hubris entered some histories and nationalistic attitudes prevailed to paint a picture that particular Commonwealth forces were dominant.

Finally, we follow the boys because they were boys through the intense training, raids and the battle itself. There are no photographs but the text often refers to pictures of the men involved and I would love to see their faces.

But it remains one of the most remarkable places on the Western Front. Boys were over the moon to get out of school early, some quitting after just grade ten. They thought of war as heroic cavalry charges and sieges that would go down in history, but once they arrived in France they quickly realized otherwise.

When he wrote his description of the Memorial inPierre recognised that the grassed over craters and concrete trenches of the memorial park bore little relation to the hell the men who fought for it knew.

Unlike the British, Canadian divisions were kept together and pretty much always at full strength. The taking of Vimy Ridge represents a landmark as much for the Canadian Army as for the country itself.

I realize this is a tall order. I usually make notes as I read books. When this happened, there was much commotion in Canadian streets. Recollections of battlefieldexperience aretrickymaterialfor thehistorian. British born Arthur Currie, was the chief commanding officer for the Vimy assault, but had lived for several years in Canada.

Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: A good friend of mine recalls reading his stuff on the War of though not always willinglyof which there is a fair deal; much of it aimed at the young.

To prepare, I created a reading list that I hoped to get through before the trip. That is also the way British officers viewed the young immature Canadian recruits. The author falls into the trap of relying on the integrity of Lloyd George to colour his view of the British high command.

You are not currently authenticated.On Easter Monday with a blizzard blowing in their faces, the four divisions of the Canadian Corps in France seized and held the best-defended German bastion on the Western Front - the muddy scarp of Vimy Ridge.

The British had failed to take the Ridge, and so had the French who had lostmen in the attempt. Pierre Berton is a very good writer who was really able to recreate the atmosphere of life in the trenches of World War I. I was also very interested in the Canadian military leadership who pioneered modern management techniques in the way they training soldiers and ensured they understood the bigger picture/5(5).

VIMY By Pierre Berton

As usual Pierre Burton has done his homework and although I found the book very detailed re the politics and status of the officers it was also a bit tedious to read in refreshing honesty that I have enjoyed before in Burton's books was present and in all Vimy was a good read/5.

Pierre Burton is the author of Vimy ( avg rating, 61 ratings, 2 reviews, published ) and Visions and Voices ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 review /5(2). One chill Easter dawn ina blizzard blowing in their faces, the four divisions of the Canadian Corps in France went over the top of a muddy scarp knows as Vimy mint-body.coms: In Pierre Berton’s ‘Vimy’, the reader is taken on an adventure following multiple Canadian soldiers who bravely fought in world war one.

It is tough for any author to capture the real horrors of war, but in his non-fiction historical masterpiece, Canadian author and historian, Pierre Berton, does an excellent attempt to do just that.

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Summary of vimy by pierre burton
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