The newly acquired knowledge on the topic of diversity

The main reason why it looks as if good thinkers have been helped by taking certain school studies is that the there is an inherent tendency of the good thinkers to take such courses.

Near transfer of skills and knowledge are applied the same way every time the skills and knowledge are used. This increases the speed of learning. This helps the learners to become accustomed to using their newly acquired knowledge and skills in novel situations, thus encouraging transfer of learning to the job.

Diversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities, 4th Edition

Although this type of training is more difficult to instruct transfer of learning is less likelyit does allow the learner to adapt to new situations. Notes Updated October 22, And since the learners have no practice in transferring their newly acquired skills and knowledge in the classroom, they have trouble transferring their learning when they return to the job as most work environments are neutral towards the transfer of new skills that is, they do very little to encourage the transfer of learning.

Another example is that greater learning occurs not by rereading the same text, but by reading another text on the same subject matter.

The variation should not be too easy. In a backhoe course where I once taught, we had about twenty machines consisting of three different models. Hence, classrooms and other learning environments become sterile of transfer of learning.

This can be carried further with the use of examples. We benefit or suffer from our prior experiences. This helps us to acquire new views on a topic by looking at the task from a different approach, which strengthens our understanding of the topic.

Therefore, to produce positive transfer of learning, we need to practice under a variety of conditions and environments. Its controls consisted of about eight levers that only moved back and forth. However, these trainers fail to realize the importance of task variation within the classroom.

Do NOT fall into this trap. Theory of Formal Discipline It was once thought that taking courses such as Latin would lead a person to think more logically. Transfer of learning in professional and vocational education.

No matter if you are learning simple discriminations or complex concepts, stimulus variations are helpful.

Transfer of Learning

The other model was a Case that was a cross between the other two. Created November 1, For example, introductory computer classes often follow a course similar to this: Although a casual observer unfamiliar with transfer of learning might assume we were confusing the issue with three highly different models, the different models were not only conductive to the learning environment in that they provided transfer of learning hence quicker and deeper learningbut they also provided the learners with the confidence and skills for transferring their newly acquired skills to the job.

The first place to practice transfer of learning is within the classroom. Near transfer training usually involves tasks that are procedural in nature, that is, tasks which are always applied in the same order.

This is perhaps why some trainers are reluctant to use task variation—they see the initial confusion and assume they are slowing and confusing the learning process. The power of varied contextexamples, different practice scenarios, etc.

Note that there is a brief slow down in the learning curve confusion occurs when the variation is first introduced. Encouraging transfer of learning in the classroom provides the skills and knowledge for its successful implementation outside of the class.The concept of practicing and deepening knowledge is brought into focus by the distinction between declarative and procedural knowledge (for a discussion, see Anderson,).

Procedural knowledge is. University of Central Florida Office of Diversity Initiatives Performance Standards for demonstrate a willingness to use newly acquired knowledge when interacting with people of different cultures.

or topic may not be conducive to listening. Personal Narrative Essays. A Narrative of My Bedroom, the Special Place Where I Feel Free.

words. The Newly Acquired Knowledge on the Topic of Diversity. 1, words. 5 pages. The Reasons Why I Became a Child Care Professional.


1 page. Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part of Dating a Military Man. Dr. Richard Bucher is a Professor of Sociology at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC).

He has been nationally recognized for his teaching excellence and teaches a variety of courses, including Introductory Sociology, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, and Race and Ethnic Relations.

Diversity Office took part in CERN’s High School Teacher Programme

In this research, which rests on a nationally representative survey of 1, professionals, 40 case studies, and numerous focus groups and interviews, we scrutinized two kinds of diversity: inherent and acquired. January 29 study guide by busy-mom includes 30 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

CEOs viewed the lack of diversity in the workforce as the biggest threat to business expansion. Helps trainees put newly acquired factual knowledge to work in realistic work situations.

The newly acquired knowledge on the topic of diversity
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