The reasons why the battle of the somme in 1916 was a disaster for the british army

The ground taken from them as they withdrew was as direct a result of the Somme as the hard-won gains taken in the battle itself and only with the capture of these positions did the fighting really end. The French, for their part, managed to take all their objectives and suffered very few casualties.

As the British soldiers climbed out of their front line, the German machine guns opened up and stopped the attack dead. The battle for Guillemont was considered by some observers to be the supreme effort of the German army during the battle. The concentration of troops at the front line on a forward slope guaranteed that it would face the bulk of an artillery bombardment, directed by ground observers on clearly marked lines.

The Battle of Fromelles had inflicted some losses on the German defenders but gained no ground and deflected few German troops bound for the Somme.

Battle of the Somme

It helped change the course of WW2. The German defence in the area was based on the second line and numerous fortified villages and farms north from Maurepas at Combles, Guillemont, Falfemont Farm, Delville Wood and High Wood, which were mutually supporting.

Numerous meetings were held by Joffre, Haig, Foch, Rawlinson and Fayolle to co-ordinate joint attacks by the four armies, all of which broke down. As winter set in, the battle was over November 18 grief and horrorfilled the mines of the people back home.

The crenellated appearance of the trenches is due to the presence of traverses. The German offensive at Verdun was suspended in July, and troops, guns, and ammunition were transferred to Picardy, leading to a similar transfer of the French Tenth Army to the Somme front.

However, it did have dire political and social consequences in Britain. When did the Battle of the Somme start? Who won the Battle of the Somme? Would you like to merge this question into it?

The French suffered 1, casualties and the German Second Army lost 10,—12, men. The noise of the shells and guns worry the life out of anyone. The battle at the Somme started with a weeklong artillery bombardment of the German lines.

The French lostmen and the Germans nearlyWhy did the battle of the somme start? Falkenhayn implied after the war that the psychology of German soldiers, shortage of manpower, and lack of reserves made the policy inescapable, as the troops necessary to seal off breakthroughs did not exist.

Yasin Mohammed Kuwait Was the battle of the somme a disaster? The trenches were traversed and had sentry-posts in concrete recesses built into the parapet.

Many prisoners have already fallen into our hands, and as far as can be ascertained our casualties have not been heavy. The Allies exploited their initial success and, unable to draw on reserves, the Germans desperately improvised a defence.

Preparing for victory General Haig, the senior British officer, planned to destroy the German defences with an intense seven day artillery bombardment and by detonating a series of massive mines under enemy lines.

The Battle of the Somme Citation: The ground gained by the British Fourth Army by the end of the fighting of almost five months moved the British frontline to just a few miles further north-east of its original position. Casualties of injured and dead on both sides amounted to many thousands.

Whole regiments were vitually wiped out. The battle changed the nature of the offensive on the Somme, as French divisions were diverted to Verdun, and the main effort by the French diminished to a supporting attack for the British. What was the battle of the somme like?

However, in September the Germans deployed new planes and new tactics. More than a million troops on both sides were killed or wounded without a real tactical or strategic gain.

A new defensive line was built some way to the rear that could be held with fewer men. The Battle of the Somme started on July 1st To most people today, the Battle of the Somme appears unremittingly futile. Later in the year, the Franco-British were able to attack on the Somme and at Verdun sequentially and the French recovered much of the ground lost on the east bank of the Meuse in October and December.

The pace of this development rolled on throughout The Allied Generals must surely bear the brunt of all the guilt for one of the most futile losses of human life in History. Along with thousands of lives, hope and innocence also seemed to die on the Somme in German casualties were higher, betweenandThe disastrous Battle of the Somme stretched on for more than four months, with the Allies advancing a total of just five miles.The Battle of the Somme started on July 1st It lasted until November For many people, the Battle of the Somme was the battle that symbolised t.

Explore. By the end of the battle, the British Army had sufferedcasualties including nearly 60, on the first day alone. The first day of the Battle of the Somme, in northern France, was the bloodiest day in the history of the British Army and one of the most infamous days of World War One.

On 1 July Why Was the First Day of the Battle of the Somme (1st July ) Such A Disaster?The Battle of the Somme began on the 1st of July just north of was over a month earlier than planned but the British needed to attack early in order to draw out the German troops from Verdun and save the French army.

The battle was intended to. Why was the Battle of the Somme considered a disaster? Update Cancel. resulting in the most casualties the British Army had suffered in a single day in all of history.

The Battle of the Somme

A Death at the Battle of the Somme,Eyewitness to History. Views · View Upvoters. Jeremy Salkeld. Why the Battle of the Somme was probably the worst ever British military disaster.

Why the Battle of the Somme was probably the worst ever British military disaster

the ground won at such great cost to the British army in would be swept back under control of the German. Why was the first day of the Battle of the Somme on the 1st of July such a disaster?On 1st Julythe first phase of the allied offensive, took place on the Northern side of the Western front and was known as the Battle of the main reason for the battle was to take pressure off the French army, which had been under heavy attack at .

The reasons why the battle of the somme in 1916 was a disaster for the british army
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