Tim burton charlie and the chocolate factory essay

In our text box, Understanding movies, Edward Hall talked about the proteomics patterns which is the relationship between characters or things within a given space. He uses them very effectively to portray different ideas such as showing strengths, weaknesses, or size in a character or setting, or revealing a depressing or cheerful surrounding.

In the film Willy Wonka seems to dislike children to a certain extent, for example in the film when the children first arrive inside the factory, he approaches them in a sarcastic manor. We know he did this because in the film, when it is Halloween, Willy Wonka brings home sweets that he was given, and his dad threw them all away claiming they was bad for him, although Willy begged his dad to let him try just one piece of candy, his dad never changed his mind.

Bucket comes home from the toothpaste factory screwing caps all day he sits right next to Charlie. This signifies that she is truly happy and on top of the world.

Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques

In the first few scenes, we learn a lot about Charlie and the Bucket family. For example, Willy was not allowed sweets; therefore he then opened a whole factory dedicated to making candy, to give other children the opportunity to experience what he never. Michael Jackson is well known for wearing sunglasses when there is not necessarily sun, and well known for wearing one glove.

This is important because this represents the relationship that Wily and his father have. Here they are again in another film together, which seems to be also related to Michael Jackson.

Also, Burton used lighting perfectly in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the lucky children who obtain the golden tickets enter the huge room where the chocolate was made. In Edward Scissorhands, low angle shots are used many times while Edward is cutting things.

Tim Burton also uses angles to show the power level of each character. Bucket when he sat down to talk to Charlie and give him a surprise.

Also the clothes that people wear in Edward Scissorhands are very brightly colored because people would wear a single colored outfit of much color. A lot of different angles are used between them. Another example is in the movie Edward Scissorhands. In the new film both Willy Wonka and Michael Jackson look astoundingly similar, they both have short, jet black, bobbed hair, extremely pale skin, angular faces with a prominent chin and wear similar eccentric clothing.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Bucket comes home, instead the first shot you see when Wily Wonk comes home is Dry. Even though Genetic describes high key lighting being used or comedies and musical because they are bright, I believe that Tim Burton used this lighting on Mr. As the big bug zeroes in on Wonka, a low angle camera is used to show the bug is big and strong.Tim Burton Essay Intro: Hook Provide a context for the reader, theme of the movies, who wrote them, etc.

Thesis Sentence: Tim Burton shows his distinct style through the use of Sound and Lighting, as well as, Imagery in his movies Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Charlie and The chocolate factory - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample “Charlie and the chocolate factory” was a film Directed by Tim Burton in starring Johnny Depp and.

Tim Burton is a very skilled film maker who uses many cinematic techniques to make his movies enjoyable to watch. He efficiently uses lighting and camera angles in two of his major pieces, Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Charlie and The chocolate factory Essay

Although I do believe that the acting and performance style of the two different actors is very important, I would argue Tim Burtons remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory represents in the truest form the differences in family and how parents and children’s relationship to one another.

Burton also uses the same low key lighting in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When Charlie goes home at the beginning of the movie, Burton uses high angle to show Charlie’s house all dark, making it look small and haunted. Tim Burton uses lighting and different angles to contrast fantasy with reality and show the strength of all his different characters.

Tim Burton uses lighting to show fantasy and reality in his movies.

Tim Burton

In the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory high key lighting represents fantasy.

Tim burton charlie and the chocolate factory essay
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