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Inside the cave, there were a number of stalactites that resembled male genitalia, which the female guide delighted in pointing out to our mostly male group. Nearly every journalist and documentary filmmaker goes into the DPRK with their mind made up beforehand about what kind of place it is, then proceeds to seek out examples that reflect this preconceived view of horror.

The English-language original of that interview appears below. Certainly the rise of corporate media has a lot to do with it.

Even in my fiction writing, I feel that my work is grounded in the conviction of truth. How could a place like this even exist in the 21st century when the rest of the world is so interconnected?

Under Kim Jong Il, the state made periodic crackdowns on these free-market, profit-driven activities, but these interferences were met with rather virulent reactions from the populace.

Given their unique life experiences, we can learn a lot from them.

Travis Jeppesen: Object-oriented Writing

Because he was so young and it was known that he was educated in Switzerland at the time he came to power, a lot of people had really naive expectations when he came into power, in my opinion. For a writer, this kind of material is just irresistible.

Without their support, the regime would have collapsed long ago. But had it not been for the opportunity that arose in to do this Korean language course and spend an extended period of time in the country, I never could have written this book.

If this process is able to continue, I think it will bring great benefits to both Koreas. More or less everyone has become both merchant and consumer, in varying ways. Oh, I could list so many things. Have you seen it? Certainly the Soviet Union, together with the United States, was responsible for the division of the Korean peninsula and the creation of North Korea.

Can you imagine the unification of two Koreas? I did indeed find a lot of positive things, which I write about in my book. But North Korea, being an extremely socially conservative country, is rather prudish.

This is something I grappled with constantly while writing the book, this need to protect the real people I encountered who are still living in North Korea. Had Kim Jong Un even uttered such fantasies of democratic reform aloud on his first day in power, there were military generals installed by his father seated on either side of him who would have immediately removed the guns from their holsters and used them.

The North Korean people are the walking epitome of dignity. And it is well known that many people will rent the extra room in their homes as hourly love hotels for young and cheating couples.

This is a horrible regime, but at the same time funny and ridiculous. In general, how much did you censor yourself in order not to harm someone you describe?

Travis Jeppesen

On at least two occasions on my last visit to Pyongyang, I saw young couples walking down the street holding hands. We have to keep in mind that, unlike his father and grandfather, Kim Jong Un played no role whatsoever in designing the North Korean system.

There are many different factions and groups within the regime jockeying for power, and while Kim might make most but not all of the important decisions at the end of the day, we cannot rule out that at times, he has been manipulated, flattered, or simply provided with false information by his advisors, who have their own interests to look out for.

What that entails, in very basic terms, is an acknowledgment of the vast social, cultural, and economic differences that have evolved in the two countries in the course of their division, and some willingness to try and understand each other, and eventually work towards overcoming these differences through acts of exchange and engagement.

It is not meant as a destructive force. I went in with an open mind, and tried to produce a highly nuanced account of what, in my eyes, is very much a society in a state of transition.

Sounds interesting enough, no? What is the essence of his rule and how far he can get? Information is not meant to either enter or leave the country.

The incredible generosity of our hosts, who, despite the highly regimented nature of tourism in North Korea, would do everything they could to accommodate every single one of our requests, often bending the rules in our favor. Ironically, in my travels I have come to discover that citizens of totalitarian or authoritarian single-party countries, where the media is under strict state control — these people tend to be the most discerning and skeptical readers of journalism, the people most likely to question what is written in the newspaper, the ones more apt to read between the lines.

Do you agree that the situation of post-truth makes the whole world somehow North Korean? I mean, how could you not be curious about what really goes on there? The famine provided North Koreans with a rather brutal lesson in free-market capitalism: That means he has likely had to spend most of the past six years cleaning house.

For me, irony always comes from a place of deep love and affection.In OctoberJeppesen announced that he would be shifting the focus of the website to explore his notion of object-oriented writing, "a new form – neither poetic nor art-critical, yet retaining characteristics of both – that attempts to inhabit the object.

Short-Form Writing Through his website, disorientations, monographic writings, and teaching, Travis Jeppesen has been experimenting with a method called “object-oriented writing,” a practice of perceiving and writing that attempts to inhabit the object rather than merely react to it.

Object-oriented writing could be thought of as a parallel creative practice to object-oriented ontology. Previously an editor at the Prague Pill and the Prague Literary Review, he is a contributing editor to 3:AM Magazine.

Apr 18,  · In Vilnius, Travis Jeppesen gave a talk on his major projects with object-oriented writing over the past few years, including 16 Sculptures, his installation featured in the Whitney Biennial and as a solo exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery in London.

Object-oriented writing could be thought of as a parallel creative practice to object-oriented ontology. As ofDisorientations also includes links to Jeppesen's published art reviews and essays online, as well as miscellaneous poetry, fiction, and essays he has written, much of it previously only available in print form. is a repository of object-oriented writing by Travis Jeppesen Travis Jeppesen's books include Dicklung & Others, Wolf at the Door, Victims, Poems I Wrote While Watching TV, and a collection of art criticism, Disorientations: Art on the Margins of the "Contemporary".

Travis jeppesen object oriented writing a cover
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