Work breakdown structure business plan

The purpose of this article is to show how a business analyst can use a Work Breakdown Structure WBS for planning the analysis phase of a project; note, this is a follow-up article to my previous publication in Modern Analyst entitled: This also ensures that the WBS is not overly prescriptive of methods, allowing for greater ingenuity and creative thinking on the part of the project participants.

With approval, the project manager allocates work breakdown structure business plan needed resources. The Work Breakdown Structure The WBS is a hierarchical graphic method for decomposing project tasks parent-child tree branches into small work packages of hours of work.

These work packages are the basis for the schedule. Notes and comments explain why certain items are recommended e. A work breakdown structure is an effective way to map out your project, making it easy to track your progress and stay on schedule.

Implementation Decide how long each task should take. Problems created by poor planning include cost overruns, missed deadlines, inefficient work and low-quality results.

You can sketch it out in the form of a flowchart or simply list the tasks in chronological order. Note that I started the reference scheme with the number 2. The WBS runs from the initial corporate entity setup to production of marketing materials and hiring employees.

Once this is completed, they start decomposing the deliverables they have identified, breaking them down to successively smaller chunks of work. To be the first to get your computer game on the market, you could assign teams to the different aspects of writing, drawing and building animated computer games, as shown in diagram E-2 below.

The last heuristic is the "if it makes sense" rule. Note that the RWP includes an analysis risk register, budget, a proposed schedule, and resources needed for the analysis phase. There are several heuristics or "rules of thumb" used when determining the appropriate duration of an activity or group of activities necessary to produce a specific deliverable defined by the WBS.

It provides a nice sanity check, and a good baseline for your own planning and scheduling efforts. Edit it to create your own template if desired. To describe the WBS one could use the well-known adage, "How do you eat an elephant?

Steps for Developing a Work Breakdown Structure

The project is then divided into main, or disparate, components, with related activities or elements listed under them. Monteleone holds a B. For new product development projects, the most common technique to ensure an outcome-oriented WBS is to use a product breakdown structure.

Writing down your plan helps you visualize your overall strategy. To facilitate this incorporation, use the same project schedule software as the project manager. That is, the project could involve designing and building desktop computers or creating an animated computer game.

This way, one team could work on the chassis configuration while another team secured the components. Google on "Microsoft Project viewer" for scads of possibilities. He can be contacted via — www. Decompositions consist of at least 2 parent-child tasks.

The second rule of thumb is that no activity or group of activities at the lowest level of detail of the WBS should be longer than a single reporting period. Thus if the project team is reporting progress monthly, then no single activity or series of activities should be longer than one month long.

WBS and Project Schedule for New Business Planning

Applying this rule of thumb, one can apply "common sense" when creating the duration of a single activity or group of activities necessary to produce a deliverable defined by the WBS. Resources types and number needed to complete the task to develop a schedule Below is a partial generic WBS Figure 3 for the top-level tasks of an analysis phase of a software project.A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a hierarchical outline of the tasks needed to deliver the project’s product or service.

It “breaks-down” the project into low-level subtask units of work that will be scheduled, executed and controlled. This Microsoft Project schedule planning a new business launch includes a work breakdown, general scheduling and dependencies, resource allocation, and even beginning leveling information.

The WBS runs from the initial corporate entity setup to production of marketing materials and hiring employees. The work-breakdown structure provides a common framework for the natural development of the overall planning and control of a contract and is the basis for dividing work into definable increments from which the statement of work can be developed and technical, schedule, cost, and labor hour reporting can be established.

Creately is an easy to use diagram and flowchart software built for team collaboration. Supports over 40+ diagram types and has ’s of professionally drawn templates. In project management, a work breakdown structure (WBS) is an exhaustive, An example of a work breakdown for painting a room (activity-oriented) is, to state the obvious: Prepare materials.

Business Plan Template. Business. Learn the concepts behind work breakdown structures and the answer to the question, "What is a Work Breakdown Structure?" This is the first in a three-part article series that includes creating your own work breakdown structures and the pitfalls to avoid in the creation process.

The article also gives some examples of a work breakdown structure.

Work breakdown structure business plan
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