Year 10 media coursework

Who do bright, colourful pages appeal to? Then, students had to explain how they used these techniques in their own production exercise. Although you may have it somewhere you must bring it into school for next week!

Why will someone buy a CD? In the Year 10 Media exam, students were required to identify a number of techniques that can be used to create suspense, then explain how they used these techniques in Year 10 media coursework own film.

Consider the messages given out by choices of colour and connotations associations gained. JK essay - type up and improve - these two can not be handed to an examiner in the state they are in. By Year 10, students are very familiar with this terminology and it Year 10 media coursework pave the way for the more difficult Year 10 media coursework.

Answer these questions in turn: Refer to demographics age, gender, occupation, lifestyle, income, social groups. When preparing the Year 10 Media exam, I always ask myself what I want students to know by the end of the semester. Do bands or artists have particular props, costumes, dress, fashions that are instantly recognisable?

Paste it onto a landscape Word document. Final version of poster A page from a popular magazine review at least two albums and two single in an appropriate style for the magazine. Jeremy Kyle essay needs adding to - use the essay format to help you.

On the front cover, CD covers will typically have the artist or name of the band, the name of the album, an image and stickers such as parental advisory, or announcing a particular well-known track. What purpose does all this serve?

What improvements do you think you need to make. This work must be completed for September! Posted by Nina Moore at. Conventions are the things all double page spreads will use such as: PLanned version of CD Covers, blocked with labels and explanations.

Final draft of logo. Final draft of your logo. Students are asked to respond to a scene that they have already studied in class and are able to watch these clips as many times as they like during the assessment task.

Planning assessment tasks At Year 10, we have a media exam because it helps prepare students for the type of assessment that they will encounter later in their schooling and at university.

For instance, a star like Beyonce always has an image constructed on glamour and sex appeal whilst a punk band like Green Day tend to focus more on social issues to sell CDs. Who appears in the magazine reflects the aspirations ambitions of the audience.

Final Version of your poster. Label the conventions used by both your double page spread and the professional one. Try to be specific. You need to be able to work out whether your product will be successful enough to appeal to your target audience and therefore make any money. What does the logo and font say about the style of magazine?

Do different people receive different meanings? A radio script - you need to write more for this. The sample response, written by Anthony Lin, will also help to demonstrate the qualities of a high scoring response.

Essay on marketing a film - look in X-Men booklet there is an essay plan in there for this! Draft CD covers - need labelling. A final version of poster.MEST2 - Coursework Brief (including resubmission) ( KB) MEST2 - Brief Guidance (including resubmission) ( KB) MEST2 -.

Inspirational Trailers Kidulthood Year 10 Media Coursework. Top Boy (Season 2) Trailer I chose these genre's of trailers because they're similar to what i want my trailer to be about.

Year 10 Media Exam

Jan 02,  · I'm a little bit confused about the second coursework Year 10s usually need to complete. It's the media advertising one and I think most schools have to do Resolved. Complete media coursework pack! (no rating) 0 customer reviews. Author: Created by MediaShop.

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EXCEPTIONAL ALL AQA MEDIA COURSEWORK RESOURCE 87 Page booklet for 3 UNITS Y TAKE THE HASSLE AND STRESS OUT OF AQA MEDIA STUDIES COURSEWORK - Last year this resource achieved A*/A's in. Jan 13,  · Year 10 Media - Section A Music Promotion Coursework Project Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas break. As you have already discovered, you starting a new Section A coursework project on the topic of 'Music Promotion'.

The Doodle will be an online space where you can access all sorts of resources, links. Year 11 coursework evaluation guidance 1. GCSE Media Studies 40% Exam 60% Coursework YEAR 11 COURSEWORK UNIT B A MUSIC PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE RESEARCH AND PLANNINGLevel 1 (0 -7 marks): Minimal research into similar products and potential target audience, minimalorganisation of actors, locations, costumes or .

Year 10 media coursework
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